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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 09:49:05 +1100

Just to confirm my understanding, if Domino does not attached the HTTP
header "Content-Type", then Squid will?

If this is correct, is it possible to control the charset type that Squid

Also, if Domino DOES apply the HTTP header, would it be true to say that
Squid will NOT apply its HTTP header?

Thank you for your feedback.

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Eeh? HTTP servers SHOULD return Content-Type headers. Domnio most
certainly does. Many things breaks if they do not.

I think there may be a special way to construct responses using
lotus-script agents that do not add a Content-type by default, but this
is very rarely used, if ever. Similar in spirit to the Apache NPH

Henrik Nordström wrote:
> Is there any chance that Squid would attach the HTTP Header
> to a response from a Notes Domino origin server and pass it onto the
> client?
> I don't believe so, but I have a Domino administrator saying his server
> not responsible for adding this header. I know Domino is very poor on
> configuring HTTP headers, but I'd like to have others in the Squid world
> confirm/deny my belief.
> Cheers.
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