[squid-users] acl not being read

From: <philip.wolfe@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 12:55:19 +1100

I have an internal squid proxy running an ACL to allow users to access the

The line is pretty simple:

acl stealth dstdomain "/opt/squid/etc/stealth.txt"
acl stealthhost dst "/opt/squid/etc/stealthhost.txt"
http_access allow stealth
http_access allow stealthhost

The contents of stealth.txt is some allowed domains, such as "gov.au".
The contents of the stealthhost.txt file is simply a text list of URLs,
such as "www.csit.tafe.net".
This was working fine up today!

For some reason, the ACL for stealthhost.text stopped working. The ACL for
stealth.txt had not problem at all!

I overcame it by simply creating a duplicate copy of
"/opt/squid/etc/stealthhost.txt" and copy+paste the contents into a new
file. I then added a new ACL line:

acl stealthhosttest dst "/opt/squid/etc/stealthhost.txt.test"
http_access allow stealthhosttest

squid -k reconfigure

Everything worked again.

Why would squid do this?? Is this a know bug with any versions?

 I'd prefer to not disclose my squid version.

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