[squid-users] Newbie help

From: Jim George <jim.george@dont-contact.us>
Date: 04 Feb 2002 21:02:29 +0000

Two appologies to start with;

1) Sorry for cross-posting (all will be come clear later).
2) Sorry if this is a FAQ question for either/both groups but I couldn't
find the answer, honest :)

What I've got:

I've just downloaded and installed squid...working fine on it's own.
I've also just downloaded and installed dansguardian to work with it.

My setup:

Clients (2 windows browsers, Opera and IE5.5 plus Opera running on the
Linux SuSE 7.3 server).
The server is behind a firewall connected to my ISP on port 8080 (UDP
port 7 as per the squid FAQ).
I do not have aregistered domain but have, internally, named my domain george.co.uk (meglamaniac!) and my server linux.

My Problem:

If I set the browsers to use squid on port 3128 then everything works as
it should, with the exception of blocking banned sites obviously).
If I set the browsers to point to port 8080 (dansguardian), then squid
denies access to ALL sites. Note it definitely isn't dansguardian
because the access denied pages specify that squid prevented access.

Please tell me how I should have this configured or tell me what more
information you require to enable you to help me correct this problem.


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