Re: [squid-users] DNS issue--resolved!

From: Robin Lynn Frank <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 16:34:28 -0700

On Tuesday 05 February 2002 03:01 pm, Robin Lynn Frank wrote:
> We've been using squid on the Mandrake Linux box with no problem. We
> haven't mad any configuration changes for quite some time, but have started
> seeing the following in the logs:
> Feb 5 13:43:21 omega (squid): Could not find any nameservers. Please check
> your /etc/resolv.conf file or use the 'dns_nameservers' option in
> squid.conf.
Gave it some local dns in squid.conf and now it is happy. Sorry I didn't
think of that before posting originally.

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