[squid-users] TCP_MISS and others...

From: Boniforti Flavio <boniforti.f@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 13:00:45 +0100

Hello there!

I would like to know how to identify packets (and their size) which have
been requested from the Internet and not being served from the proxy cache.

I mean: TCP_HIT means that my client requested some info which already is in
the cache, and therefore it doesn't create Internet traffic (my proxy
doesn't download it from the net). It receives it directly from the proxy
cache, right?

TCP_MISS should mean that this object is unavailable in the proxy cache, and
will therefore be retrieved from the Internet, right?

Now, is there a way to EXACTLY know, on a per-IP basis, how much traffic (in
terms of bytes) my clients have been doing on the Internet (not cached
objects, I suppose)?

Any help is appreciated!

Thanx a lot!

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