RE: [squid-users] offline_mode troubles

From: Guido Serassio <>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 23:09:02 +0100

Hi Sean,

Il 23.01 08/02/2002 ha scritto:
>Thanks for the advice.
>I'll try out the newer binary... I can live with pure 'offline_mode' without
>the intermittent stuff for now, as long as I can figure out a good way to
>allow a Sales person to switch their box from online to offline mode and
>restart the squid service. My hunch is that this could be easily
>accomplished with a simple batch file and 2 alternate squid.conf files.

According to
article, the offline code of Squid is not operational.
So i think that latest build SquidNT can't resolve Your problem.
May be that adding the intermittent mode patch without the network
interface status check can help You. If You are interested, i will try this
in the weekend.

Let me to know about.

>Perhaps at a later time I might be interested in testing intermittent
>interface check patches. Out of curiousity, what compiler is SquidNT
>compiled with?

Microsoft VC++ 6.0. All the magic is in the Romeo's work on sources.


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>Il 22.20 08/02/2002 ha scritto:
> >I'm trying to set up Squid as a proxy server to reside on Win2k laptops of
> >my company's Sales staff, as a means of offline replication of site
> >I'm having trouble with "offline_mode on" because I still get Connection
> >Failed / (10065) Unknown Error with the Squid 2.3 STABLE4 binaries from
> >
>This is a very outdated binary build of SquidNT.
>You can find the latest here:
> >I've tried enabling offline_mode, and setting a very high netative_ttl and
> >negative_dns_ttl, but no luck on a page that is definitely cached and is
> >reported as a TCP_MEM_HIT in access.log when online...
> >
> >What I really want is intermittent mode, similar to what is described at
> > but
> >I'm looking to run this on Win2k.
>At this moment SquidNT doesn't support the previous patch because there are
>some problems to test the network interface status. If you can help in the
>testing phase, I can try make the patch works.
> >Anybody have thoughts on what I should do? I'm used to using Squid as an
> >accelerator on Unix boxes, so this doing an offline cache on a Windows box
> >has me a bit baffled; am I missing something obvious?
> >
> >Any thoughts would be appreciated,
> >Sean

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