Re: [squid-users] display URL cached

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 14:55:02 -0600

purge is a command line utility that can display the contents of the
cached object store:

I've also written a set of utilities for indexing the cache store into a
berkeley db, which is a little slower at polling through the objects the
first time (because it is written in perl rather than C) but once
indexed, object meta-data retrieval is very fast. I've got one more bug
to make sure is squashed before I release it, but hopefully that will be
today. My toolset is designed for quickly purging entire directories,
to a specified depth, among other things...purge is a more general tool
that provides a lot of functionality for a slightly different audience.
  Either should work if you just want to see what is in the cache, so go
for purge since it is pretty well tested at this point, and I'm just
finishing up the first release quality version of mine.

sushant wrote:

> hi all,
> i ahve a question, regarding squid .
> how can i know which all the sites or URLs being cached by squid.
> can any one help me.
> is there some CGI script from wich i can get the list of URLs cached.
> thanking you all
> sushant

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