[squid-users] Configuring Squid v2.4 for GDSF and LFUDA replacement policies

From: Gino LV. Ledesma <gino@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:03:57 +0800


I've been reading the FAQ and articles about Squid fine-tuning and was
rather interested in trying out using GDSF and LFUDA for the removal
policies. I downloaded the stable3 tarball as well as the 12-feb-02
tarball snapshot to try it out.

However, upon configuration:

./configure --enable-dlmalloc --enable-gnuregex \

somewhere down configure's output I get a complaint about a missing
Makefile.in for src/repl/gdsf and src/repl/lfuda. Checking the mentioned
directories, only Makefile turns out, containing nothing (0 bytes used).

I've tried checking the TODO, ChangeLog, and other related files, and
the closest thing I came to was that custom configuration for heap
replacement policies was a "really nice to have" for Squid (in the TODO,
I believe).

Does this imply that Squid v2.4Stable3 and later does not support these
alternative replacement policies? I find that odd, however, as it keeps
on getting mentioned in the squid.conf files and other articles.

Any help is appreciated.

Gino LV. Ledesma
Ateneo Cervini-Eliazo Networks (ACENT)
email : gino@cersa.admu.edu.ph
web : http://cersa.admu.edu.ph/
phone : (63)(2) 426-6001 ext. 5925
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