[squid-users] Help squid generates more req to origin server

From: Jack <sa_jill@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 21:13:14 +0530

Hello All,
I am using squid-2.4SATBLE as transparent proxy in Redhat-7.1 kernel-2.2.19
I have two 100 mbs interface one(eth0) is in local ip address connected to
client and another(eth1) interface with public ip connected to router
I am using iptraf to monitor packet flow in interfaces.
I am facing strange problem i.e

eth0 shows 415 kbits/sec trafic while eth1 shows 1100 kbits/sec of traffic.

Actually eth1 traffic should be lesser than eth0 as only cache missed object
will go through eth1.

I am using iptables for redirecting.

I even checked whether any outsiders using our cache box.its 100% safe from

What would be the problem?
Its it due to misconfiguration in squid or due to some virus?


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