Re: [squid-users] Include Files

From: Jon Kay <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 09:06:34 -0600

"Brian E. Seppanen" wrote:
> Does the squid config allow include files?
> I would like to standardize the configuration files for a number of proxy
> servers, but there is information within the config that I cannot
> standardize and is unique. I would like to distribute a file to each
> proxy box that would include the information that I can standardize, and
> yet also include the information I can't standardize by leaving a copy
> local, and reading it in as an include file.
> Has anyone found a means of implementing revision control in their squid
> configs?

You must have a distribution script of some kind.

What you can do is to include in that script a bit where
you concatenate the local part of the squid.conf with the
global part, and copy the result to the appropriate directory.

> Area 54: The Secret Government Disco Labs in Provo Utah

Ooh, that explains alot. I thought those were closed in the 70s, though?!?

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