Re: [squid-users] Problem accesing an online banking service

From: Colin Campbell <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 08:46:19 +1000 (EST)


On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Jairo.Castaņeda wrote:

> Hi all,
> Our users are having problems trying to use the following link:
> When you access this
> page, two buttons appears then you should choose one of them depending on
> how is your conection to Internet (left one for modem, right one for
> intranet). The problem appears after you choose one of then, if everything
> works you should see a new window where there are some fields to be filled
> (username, password and so on). This window doesn't appear when our users
> try to access the page, they just see a welcoming message and then a grey
> window... It seems that this bank didn't use the secure connection standards
> because is the only place we have problems with. All the other online
> banking webs are working just fine...
> Do you experience the same problem using your squid box? The bank says that
> the problem is that I'm not using a MS proxy, and that I should do so to fix
> the problem... could this be true? Now, I have to find a way of making this
> connection to work...
> I'm using squid 2.4 on a RH Linux 7.1 box using the following scheme:

I have a similar setup and get the same result you do. Once the 1MByte
applet(?) downloaded it just sat there trying to load something else. The
problem is that their application (the applet) isn't proxy aware and tries
to connect directly to the bank. Here's my tcpdump output:

08:39:18.489062 > S 3171224203:3171224203(0) win 16384 <mss 1460> (DF)

The bank's application is broken. Up until the applet starts running
everything connects via the proxies. Then the applet starts and wants to
go direct. After a couple of minutes it appears to give up and displays a


                Banca Virtual

        Banco Sudameris Colombia

From there it appears "dead".

+61 7 3006 4710
Received on Wed Feb 13 2002 - 15:46:44 MST

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