[squid-users] Stupid question

From: Jack <sa_jill@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 09:31:35 +0530

Hello All,

First i explain my plan so that i can explain my problem easily.

I have clients connected to squid(in transparent mode) from different
network say -

I plan to do bandwidth for individual client after squid using CBQ.
Here Client under network will get 32kbs and client under network will get 64kbs.

My problem is squid should pass cache miss req according to source network
if client from network req miss pass to another machine which is
in same network regardless of default gateway in squid machine same as other
network also.

Here squid machine has two interface and in both interface all this networks
will be as aliases
as in eth0(incoming and gateway to client)eth0 and in
eth0:0 and eth1:0 same as other network.

My question in can squid can pass req according to source network and not in
default gateway.


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