[squid-users] Cute FTP via Squid

From: Deshwal Chand <chand@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 09:29:03 +0530

I have Squid installed. My problem is that the Cute FTP program is not able
to be connected to any FTP site. If I go directly (By passing the proxy),
then it connects. My users generally log into one FTP site mostly. That site
does not support anonymous login. We have User ID and Password for us to
login into that site.
Now as CuteFtp does not work, I have tried ftp://ftp <ftp://ftp> .--.--
Squid replies:
Unable to connect: I sent PASS<YOURUSERNAME> and got the reply GUEST
Privillege not supported.
My question is :
Can I configure Squid to connect to that site by specifying the User ID and
Password in Squid.conf
Thanx in advance
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