[squid-users] Annoying Problems with Squid 2.4 STABLE3

From: <richard.fuser@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 16:50:28 +1100

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Hi There Everyone,

We are running Squid 2.4 STABLE 3 and have 2 annoying problems that
continue to re-occur.

The setup is as follows:

2 Parent proxys running in central office which know about each other and
do peer cache lookups on a private network which rip along quite fine much
better than our previous Novell border manager setup, there are another 6
child proxies all running the exact same version of Squid.

We have around 3500 users behind these 6 servers and we move about 40 - 60
gig per 5 day week.

First problem is we use ident to get a username off the 2000 workstations
which compares to a list of users whom have internet rights and then access
is granted the second option is a prompt for a password which queries a NDS
tree via LDAP the problem is for example I may come in the morning browse
for a hour or so then maybe I will be in the middle of a page loading and a
password prompt will pop up, I do not have to enter anything in here I can
simply click ok with both fields blank.and I can continue on browsing, we
use re-director on these boxes which simply changes ads, etc to a company

Second problem is every now and then when I load a page and this is
happening accross our firm we will get something looking like the following
/  and this changes but usally in the same fashion, if refresh is
pressed the page will load correctly..

Both these problems are begining to annoy both myself and our staff so if
anyone has any suggestions please let me know....

By the way our firm standard browser is Internet Explorer most PC'S running
5.00.3103.1000 SP1 or 5.50.4807.2300 SP2 this problem has never occured
with Netscape but unfortuanatly our firm uses IE globally!! dammit!

Richard Fuser
Firewall & UNIX Systems Administrator

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