[squid-users] Traffic to single parent only

From: Piet Knoester <knoester@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 10:21:14 +0100


I use a parent ( my isp's) for my squid server on our lan. It therefor uses
another gateway (adsl) than the rest of my internet traffic wich uses the
default route (isdn). As I in my browser type an new url you can see some
initial traffic to the default route but the response (the pages) come from
the parent. I guess that the squid server is determining the shortest rtt
between using the parent and using a direct-to-origen-http-server.

I would like to force squid to only use the parent without determining the
shortest rtt. Only in case of a down status of the parent it should use a
direct-to-origen-server connection.

In the squid.config I put:

cache_peer proxy-parent-at-isp parent 8080 3128 no-query
prefer_direct off

tried also:

cache_peer proxy-parent-at-isp parent 8080 0 no-query
prefer_direct off

But no success.

I once added:


but that was not recognized at the restart of squid.

I am running squid 2.2 on a Debian Potato box.

Anyone a suggestion to realize the a rtt free functioning?

Thanks in advance.
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