Re: [squid-users] Using a parent squid proxy to make SSL connections from a local p roxy to Hotmail fails.

From: Squid Support (Henrik Nordstrom) <>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 02:25:33 +0100

On Thursday 21 February 2002 17:32, Ward, John (GroupWare) wrote:
> hello,
> I am having trouble connecting to hotmail or any other ssl site for
> that matter via our squid cache which "parents" all connections to
> an upstream squid at the isp.
> the local squid is configured to talk to parent as follows:
> cache_peer <place upstream proxy here> parent 3128 3130 no-query
> default

Do you also have

never_direct allow all

If not, Squid will unconditionally try to bypass the upstream proxy
on SSL requests as these request can not ever be cached.

> currently, all the connections for https timeout and the "page
> cannot be displayed" message appears.

Seems you have not..

See the Squid FAQ entry on running Squid inside a firewall.

Also seems you are running Internet Explorer. To get meaningful error
message go into "Internet Options -> Advanced" and disable "Show
friendly error messages". By default IE thinks it is best to keep
the real error cause secret from the users...

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What is the point of such restrictions on messages posted in public

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Are you sure you want that every user who for all future who happens
to find this message by mistake to call you?

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This makes sense.

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