RE: [squid-users] Squid 2.3 Stable 5 logfile problem

From: Hermann Strassner <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 08:33:13 +0100


Same Problem here. The switch "should" work, according to the readme, but it
does nothing. The same with some other -k switches.
I stop squid, rename the logfiles, and restart it with the scheduler and
"net stop squidnt2.3". The problem with this is: i have to do it every night
(logfiles are around 100 MB a day) and so it loses its memory cache and it
has to rebuild it every day.

No other solution yet.


> Can anyone advise how to fix a "non" rotating logfile in a Squid
> 2.3 Stable5
> installation.
> I have tried the squid -k rotate and it does nothing. No error reports, no
> nothing. I look at the cache.log and access.log and they do not
> change, even
> after several days. The access.log is now approaching 100MB. Is
> there a safe
> way to delete and recreate the file?
> By the way, It a ported version of Squid to NT4.
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