[squid-users] Re: Squid, WebDAV and the SEARCH method

From: quintin giesbrecht <quinting@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 14:35:16 -0600

Simon, I found this in the Squid archives...just wondering, we are
having the same problem with a squid box, and I was wondering, if you
could share the code, and let me know where to put it? Thanks.


>>>You Said<<<


Thanks for the advice. I added the SEARCH method as you suggested and
application appears to work fine now.

The document that defines the SEARCH method is:



>> Can anyone tell me if and when Squid will fully support the
extensions to
>> HTTP/1.1 introduced by WebDAV? In particular, I'm receiving grief
>> users who wish to use a Microsoft web front end to Exchange 2000 that

>> relies heavily on XML and DAV. It fails to work correctly through
>> and the logs report
>> parseHttpRequest: Unsupported method 'SEARCH'
>Hmm.. cannot find any definition of SEARCH in WebDAV.
>Where is it defined?
>Adding support for new methods is easily done by adding them last to
>small tables in the source:
>a) Prior to METHOD_ENUM_END in src/enums.h
>b) Prior to "error" in src/url.c
>Note: Make sure the methods are listed in the same order in both files,

>or things will get confused...
>Henrik Nordstrom
>Squid hacker

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