[squid-users] RE: Squid process dies constantly

From: JOHNSON DAVID R <david.johnson@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 09:35:38 -0400

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> Subject: Squid process dies constantly
> Unfortunately the Squid process dies constanlty on us here a HU. We
> have around 3000 users that connect to Squid in order to use the internet.
> I am using the squid_ldap_auth module and it works great but for some
> reason the squid child processes seem to fail and the Squid module becomes
> corrupt. Upon attempt to restart the service the parent process tries to
> spawn some children but then the parent dies. This has happened 5 times so
> far and 2x in 1 day! I have checked the access logs to see if maybe some
> app is causing the process to crash but the ACLs i have in place block
> problem sites such as gator and statblaster. I tried increasing the number
> of child processes to 32 but that did not solve the problem either.
> Has anyone had this problem or know a fix?
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