[squid-users] swap.state, swap.state.new, and cache shrinking

From: Noel Clarkson <noel.clarkson@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 12:12:07 +1100


I had a problem recently where my partition with the cache on it was
filling over and over again after about 7 mins, no matter whether anyone
was using the system or not. After looking into this a bit, I decided to
clean out the cache by clearing out the swap.state file as described in the
faqs. It's size was about 280Mb and there was also a swap.state.new file
that was about 40Mb. I also noticed that the timestamp on the swap.state
file was about a week old, and the .new one was from today. From what I've
read and guessed, I think my problem was that squid was trying to rebuild
the swap.state file by creating a swap.state.new file and this was running
the partiton out of space, and then doing the rebuild again after failing
(clearing the space, and rebuilding and running out of space over and
over). So I've now cleared the cache (or at least the swap.state) and
things have settled down, but I'm wondering if this is the likely
explaination to my trouble.

The other question regarding this that I have is that I've now reduced the
size that the cache can take up so that this won't become a problem again,
 but the actual space that the cache takes up is more than I have told it
should be the max because the files from the cache before I told it to
shrink are still around. How do I go about cleaning up the old cache files
so that I gain the space back? It's not an issue now but if I get into the
situation of having a large swap.state file that then needs rebuilding, I
still won't have the room on the partition for this to work unless the
cache files have shrunk to the max size I've set.

Hope that makes some sense, any help most apreciated.


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