[squid-users] Google SafeSearch

From: Mike McCall <mccall@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 08:39:35 -0700


We're using Squid ACLs to filter pornographic content, and I've noticed that
some of our students can bypass the filters using Google's Images features.
I was wondering what the best way to force users to use Google's SafeSearch
feature would be. On one hand, we can create an ACL that denies access to
Google unless the string "safe=active" appears in the URL, but I'm afraid
this will frustrate our users who might not know how to change the setting
in Google (or deny them access before they could get the opportunity to
change it). The other option would be to write a redirector that
automatically changes any google search into a safe search.

Any ideas as to which would be better, especially performance-wise? Are
there any good places to start if writing a redirector is the best option?
My Perl skills are lacking, so if anyone could help I'd be eternally


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