RE: [squid-users] Identd authentication

From: Chris Wilcox <>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 16:09:27 +0000

>I have identd running on all clients. Squid doesn't appear to be caching
>ident lookups... maybe I'm missing something in my config for this?
>If Squid could pass the ident username somehow to DG with cache_peer then
>DG wouldn't need to do any ident requests (this works if you're using basic
>auth). I'm more worried about Squid's ident requests failing and users
>having to type in their username/password in order to authenticate.
>Ident could be taken out of the picture entirely if I had a client of some
>type on the Windows workstations that would handle the basic auth requests
>from squid automagically. Novell makes a SSO client for this sort of thing
>but it's too expen$ive.

Why not purely use basic_auth? I thought that if you use DG -> Squid only,
and used basic/proxy_auth on Squid, then DG can pull the username from the
requests? This may be better answered in the DG forums though, as I've only
ever used ident with DG.

It could be worth using ident only, and removing the 1st Squid instance.
Use ident in DG and see what happens. If it works OK then there's no need
to use anything else.




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