[squid-users] cache_dir L1 L2 question

From: OTR Comm <otrcomm@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 08:40:16 -0700


I have a 80GB drive on a system that I would like to dedicate to a squid
server. The notes in squid.conf say that I should subtract 20% and use
that number for the Mbytes field for cache_dir. So I would have 64000.

The question is, what is a reasonable L1 and L2 to put for this setting?

Also, I don't understand the different storage types, (ufs, aufs, diskd,
etc), but for the system I want to set up, would either one be

Thank you,

Murrah Boswell
Received on Sat Feb 14 2004 - 08:40:51 MST

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