Re: [squid-users] ftp clients trouble: helpme please

From: Andrea Ferraris <>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 09:06:16 +0100

> From: "Muthukumar" <>

> If a client requests an
> the browser displays it without trouble (the address is not
> correct because at now I'm not there), but with all other
> ftp requests (it is,,
> the browser client's can't display the
> page and after a long time (about 30-60 seconds) it
> give up. From the squid server with an ftp client I can connect
> with those sites without trouble. In the squid access logs
> >>>>>
> Ok.
> 1. What is your ftp setting as ftp_user,ftp_list_width,ftp_passive,
> ftp_sanitycheck and refresh_pattern ^ftp:

ftp_user is ce at comune dot cossato dot bi dot it, it is my working
job e-mail address
ftp_list_width is the default
ftp_passive was on, but I tried also off without differences
ftp_sanitycheck was on, but I tried also off with all the combination
with ftp_passive without differences
refresh_pattern ^ftp is the default, but I tried also to change it to some
other greater value that I don't remember without differences
I tried also to define an FTP acl with forward rule, so that squid
forwarded the ftp requests. No issue.

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