[squid-users] Re: Squid As A Non-Caching Reverse Proxy/Web Accelerator?

From: Muthukumar <kmuthu_gct@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 20:17:09 +0530

> I am thinking of solutions for minimizing apache's
> memory use on a small memory server in the presence of
> several slow clients or long-running http requests
> (large downloads) and with about 50% of the requested
> pages being dynamic.

If You go for Reverse proxy method,Dynamic contents such as cgi scripts and
Active Server Pages cannot be cached.Web server will be freed to handle other
Dynamic pages.It is used to cache the static contents only!

> I need a reverse proxy server that can buffer output
> from apache so that I won't need many active apache
> processes to be able to serve slow clients, and I'm
> considering squid with caching disabled.

Process on Reverse proxy is occuring as,
When a client makes a HTTP request,it will be directed to the
reverse proxy machine not to the actual web-server.If the requested
content is there,it will be given to it. Else the content is retrieved from the
acutal web server and serves the client request.

> I'd like to know how squid, in reverse proxy
> mode, handles a situation where the origin server is
> very fast but the client it's serving is slow.

Reverse proxy setup is used for the situtation where the web-server load is high and slow.

> it buffer the server's response and allow it to close
> the connection quickly and serve other processes?


> there an architecture document somewhere that _fully_
> answers my question?


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