Re: [squid-users] Transparent proxy issue

From: Mark Seamans <>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 09:07:21 -0600

Sorry for the lack of info..
As stated..Linux web browsers work fine..enough said.
Using an XP box with IE 6.x, the client just comes back with "Page cannot be found."
While tailing the squid access.log I never see the clients activity.

Config: Dialup users into a Cisco AS5300. Purpose: Redirect users who haven't paid their bill to
a web site that basically says "pay your bill." Client gets a private ip (172.16.16.x), using a route
map the traffic is passed out an extra eth interface on the cisco directing traffic (route map) to the
Linux box running iptables & squid. Ip tables is redirecting port 80 traffic to port 3128. As noted,
it works with linux clients. With the port redirect off and nat on, both Windows & Linux clients can
browse the web just fine...with port redirect on, Linux gets passed to the proxy and browses with no
problem. Windows hangs.

I can provide config info and some tcpdump's of the sessions.
The goal is to apply a special "deny" error page to source traffic that meets a certian acl,
with is working fine for Linux.



On Sat, 14 Feb 2004 21:49:57 -0600
Mark Seamans <> wrote:

> For some reason, a linux client works fine with konqueror, mozilla-firefox and lynx...
> however, IE 6.x just hangs....
> ideas?
> Thanks,
> Mark

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