RE: [squid-users] Low hit rate

From: Kent, Mr. John (Contractor) <>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 13:55:05 -0800


I increased my hit ratio by running pages and script output
through a cacheability tool and taking corrective action as
required. The main thing was to add mod_expires and mod_headers to
my servers.

John Kent
Naval Research Laboratory
Monterey, CA

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On Sat, 14 Feb 2004, Kemi Salam-Alada wrote:

> Hi all,
> How can I tune my squid so that I can generate high hit rate? Presently, I
> am running squid using FreeBSD 4.3 OS and Squid 2.5 STABLE2.
> The file system used for the disk is aufs.

See the 'refersh_pattern' directive in squid.conf.
You can probably increase your hit ratio by increasing
the values of the refresh_pattern line(s).

Duane W.
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