RE: [squid-users] RE: Squid Accelerator and SSL, Unsupported method "L"

From: Kent, Mr. John (Contractor) <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 15:49:07 -0800


Thank you for responding.

Just to make sure I understand, did you mean to say that
"You CAN only have one https_port directive"?

And that the problem is that I have BOTH
an http_port
and and https_port directive in my squid.conf file?

OR that I only have one https port directive?

If its the latter then Access should work
but instead I when I try it I get the following lines in cache.log:

2004/02/16 15:28:01| parseHttpRequest: Requestheader contains NULL characters
2004/02/16 15:28:01| clientParseRequestMethod: Unsupported method 'L'
2004/02/16 15:28:01| clientProcessRequest: Invalid Request

Also, since one cannot redirect https:// URLS to an http port,
does this mean you CAN redirect https:// URL calls
to a backend server listening on the https port 443?

Here are the first two lines from my squid.conf file

http_port vport=7777
https_port cert=/users/webuser/squid3.0/etc/ssl.crt/webcache2.crt key=/users/webuser/squid3.0/etc/ssl.key/webcache2.key

Thank you
John Kent

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On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Kent, Mr. John (Contractor) wrote:

> Duane and Henrik,
> Thank you both for responding. I'm thinking that a glance at my
> config file will reveal the problem to you so here it is:
> What I'm trying to do is run Squid on port 9999 for testing,
> have it accelerate servers listening to port 7777 and also
> be able to redirect 443 requests, with SSL authentication being
> handled by Squid.

You only have one https_port directive

https_port ...

so the only https:// URLs this Squid will accept is URLs directed to this address:port.

You can not direct https:// URLs to a http_port (at least not in a
reverse-proxy/accelerator, Internet web proxying is a completely different

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