Re: [squid-users] Transparent proxy issue

From: Mark Seamans <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 16:43:45 -0600

> Do you have firewalling enabled on the XP?
No. I actually just tried it with an old Windows CE box...same thing...
Of course...dialup with my linux great!

> Can it talk to other network services in the same network? Have you tried
> for example pinging the proxy IP address or the address of another server
> in your network?
Sure. everything works fine! As you see in the dumps, dns is working fine too.
One thing to note: I missed a line that the host was listening to the ip address I have tried 4 systems now (different windows ver).

Currently I have NAT turned off. I think I will drop to basic nat, then work my way up.
Just as a note: this system has 4 network cards in it...
eth0 - outside
eth1 - private net
eth2 (dmz1) - second private net (wireless)
eth3 (dmz2) - direct connect (crossover cable) to a cisco as5300.

Purpose is when a user hasn't paid, radius will stick them in a "special" group.
The 5300 gives them a special ip number and route-map's their traffic to the linux box (eth0) as the
default gateway.
Then, iptables grabs port 80 traffic, redirects it to 3128 and gives them a webpage stating to pay
their bill.

Thanks for the help. My comrades are lost on this one too.

San Antonio, TX, USA

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