[squid-users] one website denies access

From: Mrvka Andreas <mrv@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 10:10:51 +0100


i have a standard config of squid.conf
and surfing to every public website on the world works good
except one!


normally, i surf with ntlm authentication (challenge and response)
so that i access.log there is first access denied because of
no username information and on the next step squid gets an username
and finally the user has access to the sites.

BUT, at the link above i only get a log entry for the first access
without a username. nothing more!

and so the site is forever denied.

can anybody explain & help me?


Squid Cache: Version 2.5.STABLE1
configure options:
  --enable-default-err-language=German '
  --enable-err-languages=German English' '
  --enable-auth=basic ntlm' '
  --enable-basic-auth-helpers=SMB multi-domain-NTLM winbind MSNT' '
  --enable-ntlm-auth-helpers=SMB winbind no_check'
  --enable-ntlm-fail-open '
  --enable-external-acl-helpers=wbinfo_group winbind_group'
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