RE: [squid-users] WPAD and Squid

From: Clemson, Chris <>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 11:18:11 -0000

> 1. Some autoproxy functions may be broken in certain
> implementations of
> Win2k - I think it's something to do with winhttp.dll, I
> found problems with
> SP3 and with .NET Framework, particularly with functions like
> MyIPAddress().
> I ended up writing wpad.dat as an ASP page which captured
> (e.g.) client's IP
> and just generated scripts with the PROXY lines and no other
> functions. (of
> course, I then had to use application extension mapping to
> encourage IIS to
> execute the wpad.dat file as ASP)

hmm, i've tried it on NT4 SP6a, XP SP1a, i haven't tried it on win2k at all
maybe i should.

> 2. Have you tried switching off proxy caching on the client?

no, i did wonder about doing that, but it says that for each GET request, it
will get the wpad file which seems a bit OTT.

> 3. Have you associated extension .dat with the
> application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig mime type?
> 4. Are you using host headers? Have you set wpad host header
> name under the
> default web site?

i'm not really sure what you mean by that.
the clients i am testing with don't even hit the webserver that is serving
the file, so it's more fundamental than that i reckon.

> 5. With Ethereal I found some IE6 clients putting the IP
> address in the wpad
> request and not a hostname of wpad as I had expected - I then
> added the IP
> address as a host header name to catch those instances.

that's fine, i don't have any virtualhosts or anything on the webserver.

> 6. Does the script work on its own as in an explicit reference to
> "proxy.pac"?

yes, it does.

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