[squid-users] .cgi webmail password caching problem

From: Dan Didier <dan@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 19:52:42 -0500


Hopefully someone here can shed some light on my problem. I recently
installed a squid box for my users, and everything was going great until
we started using a new webmail interface which is writen in .cgi

What is happening is people log in, go to their mailbox, and open
messages. When they then click on the mail menu button, it pushes them
back to their login. Sometime this happens when clicking on a
message... It seems a little random, but structured in some way. If I
bypass squid, this does not happen.

I have done extensive testing and troubleshooting to try and resolve
this to no avail. I am running Squid Cache: Version 2.4.STABLE6, but
have also tested with Squid Cache: Version 2.5.STABLE1 with the same

I modified the squid.conf file with the following entries:

acl creative port 8383 (the site runs on port 8383)
acl creative1 dstdomain webbuildersolution.com
no_cache deny creative
no_cache deny creative1

acl Safe_ports port 8383 ####creative solutions

Now, here is the weird part, if I go to the mailbox and open a message
and then click on the inbox button it shoots me back to the login. Here
is the correspondinig log entry:

1077237858.070 390 TCP_MISS/200 5473 GET
/readmail.44775.cgi? - DIRECT/ text/html

Next if I simply hit the back button and do it again, it lets me in!
Here is the log entry:

1077237920.306 982 TCP_MISS/200 36446 GET
/readmail.44775.cgi? - DIRECT/ text/html

It is exactly the same!!!

One more piece to the puzzle. I put the squid 2.5 box in transparent
mode, and it always works fine. If I then take it out of transparent
mode, it does the same thing.

Could this be a browser problem? I am doubting it, but not sure. I am
using IE 6 on XP.

Thanks for the assistance,
Dan Didier
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