Re: [squid-users] Getting Squid-Graph to work Properly

From: Muthukumar <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 13:53:11 +0530

> I'm able to get the squid-graph program to run and I have an apache web server running but I'm not sure howto enable squid-graph to run and monitor my proxy traffic continuously and report this to an apache web page. I want to get upto the minute statistics on the status of my proxy. What do you guys use to monitor your proxy, and if you use squid-graph how have you setup things to monitor your proxy continuously to provide upto the minute statistics?

Use the crontab to get the statistics with minute status.

> As a side note, it looks like the main documenation site for squid-graph has said ( that in order to generate it's stats it relies on >the access.log file being used. Is this true or just an example on thier documentation site? I have actually disabled my access.log file and made the output >goto /dev/null

If you direct the access.log entries to /dev/null ,then no requests will be monitored.
If you want to rotate the squid access logs daily then use the cron.daily
It will rotate the logs daily.

>after reading an article on how this file will overload your disk after a while, due to all the requests being logged here.


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