[squid-users] NDS and Single Sign ON

From: Stephane DESMET <desmet_s@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 18:28:19 +0100


Maybe somebody could help me. This topic may have been already discused here,
but I can't find all the informations I need.

I would like to use squid to do some authentication with my Novell server.
I have NDS installed on my Novell.
I know this is possible using the ldap_auth module.

I would also like to to some SSO (single Sign On). => I don't want IE to prompt
for a login/passwd at startup.
I know this is possible with NTLM and samba 3 with an MS Active Directory.

Does anybody has already done this kind of task ?
=> Can I do some SSO authentication with Squid on a NDS ??

If this is impossible, which other solution do I have ? (I think I have heard about
something like active directory Gateway ?????)

Thank you very much in advance for any answer.


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