Re: [squid-users] Tag: deny_info question

From: OTR Comm <>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 11:26:13 -0700


I have problems understanding deny_info.

> You can always negate acls with ! if this makes your life easier.
> deny_info looks for the last ACL on the access line where the request was
> denied. Any ! should not be specified to deny_info.

I have a rule like so:


but then none of my users ever receive the authentication prompt and the
browser acts like it is an endless loop trying to get to Both the
access.log and store.log are loaded now with references to
FD_Handler.cgi. But, like I said, the browser doesn't ever present the
authentication prompt.

If I change the rule to !password, users can authenticate, but the
deny_info rule is ignore and the standard Forwarding Denied error page
is present when a non-cached page is requested.

I must have missed something major about how deny_info works, and/or how
to define the ACL.

How can I redirect the Forwarding Denied error to FD_Handler.cgi, and
still allow all my users to authenticate? I am confused.


Murrah Boswell
Received on Wed Feb 25 2004 - 11:33:56 MST

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