Re: [squid-users] Another HTTP 1.1 Question

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 03:04:45 +0100

mån 2007-03-12 klockan 19:44 -0400 skrev Chris Nighswonger:

> > - ECN
> > - Window Scaling
> > - Forgetting Vary
> > - Mixing up ETag (same ETag on multiple incompatible entities)
> > - Various malformed responses
> > * Double content length
> > * Malformed headers
> > * Repeated single-value headers
> If I knew more about the structure of these items I'd give it a whirl.

The first two is TCP/IP related. Detection is done by trying to
communicate with the server both with and without the feature enabled.

The rest is HTTP protocol:

Forgetting Vary: Many servers forget to emit a "Vary: accept-encoding"
header in gzip:ed responses. Tested by sending requests with and without
"Accept-Encoding: gzip" and comparing the results. If Content-Encoding
of the responses differ but Accept-Encoding isn't mentioned in vary then
the server is broken. Badly broken if the Vary is missing on the gzip:ed
variant. Note: always responding with gzip is ok, even without vary.

Mixing up ETag: Effectively the same test as above, but comparing the
ETag header of the responses. If Content-Encoding differs but ETag is
the same the server is broken.

Double content length: Server response has more than one content-length
header. Critical if the value differs.

Malformed headers: Server response contains various crap mixed with the
response headers. Have seen for example various system error messages
etc.. (i.e. "Failed to open ...."). A well formed HTTP header follows
the pattern ^[A-Za-z][-A-Za-z0-9]*:.* and anything in the headers not
matching this is malformed. Technically a few more characters is allowed
in the header name, but all known headers follow this pattern.

Repeated single-value headers: The exact same test as for
content-length, but for other less critical HTTP headers specified as
single-valued not allowing more than one value. I.e. Content-Type,
Content-Encoding, ETag, Date, etc.


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