[squid-users] question about filesystems and directories for cache.

From: Matias Lopez Bergero <mlopezb@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 13:34:57 -0300


I'm installing a new squid server (I have a couple running already), but
this is going to server as gateway for about 450 clients. I have a good
piece of hardware for it, but I have just two hard discs RAID 1
mirrored. I'll like to get the best performance of this servers, and I
think that the iowait would be the bottle neck of this setup. So, I'm
looking forward to configure the system in the most optimums way...

I'm being reading the wiki and the mailing list to know, which is the
best filesystem to use, for now I have chose ext3 based on comments on
the list, also, I have passed the nodev,nosuid,noexec,noatime flags to
fstab in order to get a security and faster performance.

I am not sure how to setup the caching directories.... what would be
better to have one directory for store the cache, or have more than
one... to use ufs, aufs or diskd.
For now based on comments at the wiki, I have chose to have four
directories using diskd.

I would like to know, what you guys think about this, or if you have
some comments or experience about this little tweaks to improve performance.

Any comments are welcome,

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