Re: [squid-users] LiveCD type install for transparent caching of YouTube, etc?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 00:10:19 +0100

On Fri, 2008-03-07 at 14:07 -0600, Paul Bryson wrote:
> I have been looking for some sort of easy to install Squid transparent
> caching proxy. Something like KnoppMyth ( but
> just for Squid. Boot to a CD that has you partition/format your
> harddrives, installs the OS plus Squid with sane default settings. If
> there is a web interface, all the better.

There is the CacheMARA product from MARA Systems. But it needs a bit of
updates to work with current hardware (and current Squids), and
additionally the free version isn't quite ready yet (my fault). Also
this is perhaps a bit too stripped down for some peoples needs with the
OS image only some MB in size and very locked down.

Adrian is also working on an appliance type Squid installation. Adrian
is also working on another Appliance style Squid installation. I'll let
him describe what he is doing if he wants to.

> And as we want to be able to cache YouTube, Google Maps, Google Earth,
> Windows Updates, etc, we need the rewrite rules in the 2.7 branch of
> Squid. We were thinking of using a good sized hard disk for cache
> storage, to reduce the internet bandwidth hit as much as possible.

Then you will need to roll your own, as you won't find a ready
distribution with all this just yet..

> Is there any such type of beast, or a quick path to such a thing?

Start from something resembling what you want in terms of how the CD
behaves and with reasonable tools for rolling your own, then add Squid
and remove what else you don't want to have.

But as long as you are likely to tweak and upgrade the system I think
you will be happier with a more normal OS install. Adding Squid and
transparent interception isn't very hard.

The weakest point is perhaps management gui. There isn't very many to
choose from. webmin is the most complete, but even that is lacking many
features and also lagging behind quite far.

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