RE: [squid-users] Unable to access a website through Suse/Squid.

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 01:43:56 +0200

ons 2008-04-02 klockan 15:43 -0400 skrev Terry Dobbs:
> Ok folks, here is my packet capture; I included only the transmissions
> between the 2 relevant devices (SUSE Server and the problematic
> website).

The capture looks very much like the issues seen by window scaling, but
there is no window in scaling in this trace... A bit confused..

Guessing wildly here, but my first action would be to upgrade the kernel
just in case it's a known tcp problem which has been worked around

Another thing you can try is to decrease the window size to a very small

  /sbin/ip route add via your.internet.gateway window 1480

this isn't optimal for performance, but may work around certain broken
firewalls if there is packet reordering at play..

You can also try lowering the MSS, in case there is a MTU blackhole...

  /sbin/ip route add via your.internet.gateway mss 496

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