[squid-users] newbie syslog.conf and coss questions

From: B. Cook <bcook@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 09:04:14 -0400

Morning all,

I am running squid 2.6.stable18 from FreeBSD ports. (FreeBSD 6.x and

I have two questions..

1) regarding coss.

I have enabled coss as shown in the squid faq and all seems to be
working wonderfully.

I had some questions about the cache_swap_log so I was reading
squid.conf.default in my squid dir (/usr/local/etc/squid again from
FreeBSD ports..)

I found that it said that cache_swap_log was mandatory.. I also saw
that FreeBSD needs to have VFS_AIO in the kernel or kldload aio. I
have built squid with aufs as well.. is building aufs better/worse
than using the kernel module AIO? I would think a kernel module would
offer better performance?

I didn't have the aio loaded but I did have aufs built, and I didn't
have the cache_swap_log.. and it all seemed to work.

(this is a log excerpt from my local testing machine)

2008/04/04 08:46:14| Finished rebuilding storage from disk.
2008/04/04 08:46:14| 6580 Entries scanned
2008/04/04 08:46:14| 0 Invalid entries.
2008/04/04 08:46:14| 0 With invalid flags.
2008/04/04 08:46:14| 6558 Objects loaded.
2008/04/04 08:46:14| 0 Objects expired.
2008/04/04 08:46:14| 0 Objects cancelled.
2008/04/04 08:46:14| 0 Duplicate URLs purged.
2008/04/04 08:46:14| 0 Swapfile clashes avoided.
2008/04/04 08:46:14| Took 13.3 seconds ( 492.4 objects/sec).
2008/04/04 08:46:14| Beginning Validation Procedure
2008/04/04 08:46:14| COSS: /backups/stripe: Rebuild Completed

Again if this is mandatory.. why did it start and (seemingly work)
with out them? and what will or should I notice with them?

2) regarding syslog.conf and file rotation

I know I can setup -k rotate from cron and that will rotate squid's
current cache_log, but how would I compress it?

I have looked back through the gmane archives of squid-users and I do
not see anyone that answered this question directly.. and even a
google search didn't turn up much of anything useful. Or am I just
missing something basic with a syslog.conf parameter?

thanks in advance and I am sorry if another form of these questions
were asked/answered; I couldn't find anything like them.

again thanks in advance
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