Re: [squid-users] newbie syslog.conf and coss questions

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2008 03:34:45 +1300

B. Cook wrote:
> Morning all,
> I am running squid 2.6.stable18 from FreeBSD ports. (FreeBSD 6.x and 7.x)
> I have two questions..
> 1) regarding coss.
> I have enabled coss as shown in the squid faq and all seems to be
> working wonderfully.
> I had some questions about the cache_swap_log so I was reading
> squid.conf.default in my squid dir (/usr/local/etc/squid again from
> FreeBSD ports..)
> I found that it said that cache_swap_log was mandatory.. I also saw

That is flat wrong.
   cache_swap_log - debugging log useful only if you have filesystem
problems you need to debug.

   cache_log - cache operational log. Needed for critical errors and
general problem warnings.

  access_log - needed to keep track of squid processed requests.

None of which are mandatory. But the last two are recommended for a
variety of reasons. The administration usefulness being a big one.

> 2) regarding syslog.conf and file rotation
> I know I can setup -k rotate from cron and that will rotate squid's
> current cache_log, but how would I compress it?

To compress it you would need a wrapper script which runs runs the -k
rotate, then compresses the resulting access_log.0 into a new filename
(usually dated files is a good idea).

> I have looked back through the gmane archives of squid-users and I do
> not see anyone that answered this question directly.. and even a google
> search didn't turn up much of anything useful. Or am I just missing
> something basic with a syslog.conf parameter?
> thanks in advance and I am sorry if another form of these questions were
> asked/answered; I couldn't find anything like them.
> again thanks in advance


Please use Squid 2.6.STABLE19 or 3.0.STABLE4
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