Re: [squid-users] Access denied without password request

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2008 03:40:14 +1300 wrote:
> Hello
> I need to deny access to anywhere except I wrote this acl:
> acl acl-pupkin proxy_auth pupkin
> acl acl-pupkin-allow dstdom_regex

Ew. regex. Use this instead:

   acl acl-pupkin-allow dstdomain

> http_access allow acl-pupkin acl-pupkin-allow
> http_access deny acl-pupkin
> It's working. But on that site as on a lot ot others there are some banners, counters, etc, which points to other sites. And proxy ask password after any moving on allowed site.
> Is it possible to fully deny access without any permanent password requests?

Yes, Using any of the other many ACL types which do not involve auth.
You will have to pick the criteria yourself.

Here is a useful list of the ACL types available in current squid releases:


Please use Squid 2.6.STABLE19 or 3.0.STABLE4
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