RE: [squid-users] Unable to access a website through Suse/Squid.

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2008 00:18:48 +0200

fre 2008-04-04 klockan 13:56 -0400 skrev Terry Dobbs:
> Thanks so much, the advmss worked like a charm. How do I make it so this
> route stays there? When I restart networking it seems to vanish.

Some things first.. you should figure out if the MTU is local or remote.
As it's mostly you having issues I would suspect it's local. In such
case you should have a lower mss on the default route to make TCP/IP
work better.

How are you connected to the Internet? ADSL with PPPoE, or some other
tunneling method which has a lover MTU than the default 1500?

How to set the routing is quite distribution dependent, and I am not
very familiar with SuSE. But on the good side you can use iptables to
acheive the same thing, or maybe rules in your router.

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