[squid-users] IP-to-Country csv file and conditionnal relay.

From: Julien MARY <jmary@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 11:09:02 +0800


After have googled a lot concerning my issue, I'm coming here.

I'm using two servers, one is a transparent proxy, sitting in office in
China. The other one is in another asian country.
I have set up and ssh tunnel between the two computers in order to
connect the two proxies in a secured way.

What I have set up presently is :

cache_peer localhost parent 8028 7 no-query default
Where the 8028 is binded with the 3128 port on the remote proxy.
My problem is that users in office can' t access to web sites in China 
with good speed. I want to find a way to enable the relaying only if the 
ip of the visited web site is not located in China.
And I didn't figure out any way to do this.
Somebody might help ?
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