Re: [squid-users] Accessing a site on a particular port

From: Chris Robertson <>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 11:23:22 -0800

Thompson, Scott (WA) wrote:
> Hi all
> I am trying to get some systems to access a site for webmail access on
> port 2095
> I have added the site in the white.list and as a result I can access the
> sites front page, but if I specify /webmail (eg it
> redirects it to port 2095 which I then can't access
> Is there anyway I can get the http requests to access the site in
> question on Port 2095?

Your reply to Amos gives the impression that this is not an acceleration
set up, so it must be a forward proxy... Is this an explicitly set
proxy (set in the browser, or using a proxy.pac file) or is it an
interception setup? If it's an interception set up (which I wonder
about, given the http_port line), you are going to have to intercept the
traffic destined to port 2095 on the webmail server for Squid to have
any effect. If it's an explicitly set proxy, then I see no reason for
it not to work (given you have allowed the url in a url_regex statement
and are not denying based on ports). Then again, what regular
expression did you use to allow the url?

> Does the white.list support ports in the list?

A url_regex acl can be subverted to match the port, but you wouldn't
need to.

> All my users authenticate against AD but these users in question are
> Linux boxes running Mozila and I don't want them to authenticate for
> this site, I just want straight thru access
> Here is part of the squid.conf file
> <---snip--->
> # ACL List of Allow or Deny and the order they flow
> http_access allow White
> http_access deny Denied
> http_access allow PowerProxy
> http_access deny Refuse
> http_access allow Proxy
> http_access allow ATO
> http_access allow manager
> http_access deny all
> Cheers,
> Scott

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