Re: [squid-users] Can't access this site using squid-2.6.19

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 22:04:06 +0200

ons 2008-04-23 klockan 18:37 +0800 skrev Andy Low:

> Thanks! This solve my problem, I have tested the Squid on FC8 and
> FC9-preview. But strange, I have another Linux Server running on RedHat 9
> and using Squid-2.6.18 has no problem. The TCP Window Scaling is turned on
> too, unless the TCP Window Scaling on Redhat 9 is broken?

How visible the problems due to broken firewalls messing up TCP Windows
Scaling is depends on

* Linux kernel version (window scaling selection algorithm has changed a
number of times...)
* Amount of installed memory (more memory -> more likely to see the
* Sysctl settings applied (defaults derived from amount of memory)

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