[squid-users] squid and wccp

From: Wennie V. Lagmay <wlagmay@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 12:10:44 +0300 (AST)

Hi all,
Can anybody give me a step by step configuration to enable WCCP in both router and squid2.6.stable19.

Here are the details:

router = cisco7206VXR
IOS ver = 12.3 (8) T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)
FE0/0 = xx.xx.184.17/28


OS = FC8 64bit with kernel version #1 SMP
squid version = squid-2.6Stable19
eth1 = xx.xx.184.22/28

I am trying to follow the configuration in squid FAQ but it is very hard for me because this my first time to do thus kind of setup. I would highly appreciate if you can provide me a step by step configuration for cisco router and squid box to enable WCCP version 2

Thank you and best regards,

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