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From: Alex Huxham <a.huxham_at_wellscs.somerset.sch.uk>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 09:52:52 -0000

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Yes and no, there are free ones, however http://urlblacklist.com allows
you a FREE copy, only ONCE though, your first download of the blacklist
is free, its worth giving this a go, pretty much everything is
contained, you may need to just create a custom blacklist, white list to
allow/disallow sites not including in the lists.

QUOTE: TRY FOR FREE: You can try the service by downloading the
blacklist once for free.


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From: a bv [mailto:vbavbalist_at_gmail.com]
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Am i right of the software is free but for teh database we have to pay
? if so are there any free databases for use with this software?


2008/11/10 Alex Huxham <a.huxham_at_wellscs.somerset.sch.uk>:
> Yet another yes from me, used within our school, and works perfectly
> 900+ students and 200+ staff. Easy to configure, documented well and
> there are plenty of resources on a google search to get you going
> perfectly.
> Alex
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> From: Marcus Kool [mailto:marcus.kool_at_urlfilterdb.com]
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> I am the author of ufdbGuard which is based on squidGuard.
> ufdbGuard is free and can be used with both free and commercial
> databases.
> -Marcus
> a bv wrote:
>> Hi,
>> What is /are the popular /commanly used open source (and maybe also
>> the other free ones) URL/content filtering solution/software. And who
>> are maintaining url databases?
>> Regards
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