RE: [squid-users] parseHTTPRequest problem with SQUID3

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 14:56:18 +1300 (NZDT)

>> Not fully 1.1, but from (0.9 + 1.0) to fully 1.0 + partial 1.1. Which
> is
>> weird because 2.6 went almost fully 1.0 as well quite a while back.
> I wish changes like this were called out in the release notes

Increases in compatibility are in the release notes and ChangeLog
The regression in 0.9 support you hit is a bug.

>> always_direct prevents the requests going through peers. Nothing more.
>> if the domain itself resolves to allow direct requests its okay, but
>> accelerators should be setup so the domain resolves to Squid which can
>> cause issues.
> That was the intention...I don't want Squid checking siblings for
> healthchecks, so I'll keep the always_direct line in addition to the
> cache deny.
>> Yes, to prevent storing them use 'cache deny HealthChecks'.
>> To prevent logging use 'access_log ... !HealthChecks'
> Done. I already had the logging configured as such, just omitted it
> from my message because it was extraneous to the discussion.
>> Okay. That confirms my idea that the HealthChecks request is missing
>> the 'HTTP/1.0' part of the request string. The first line of every
> valid
>> accelerated request should look something like this:
>> "GET /mgmt/alive HTTP/1.0\n"
> Is there any possibility of restoring 0.9 support in Squid3? I can
> always have my load-balancer format the requests to contain the
> HTTP/1.0\n, but that seems like a real hidden gotcha for anyone
> migrating from 2.6 to 3.0 - which is fine, as long as it's called out in
> the release notes.

Yes, it is a bug in both squid and the balancer. Squid is supposed to be
able to handle obsolete 0.9 anyway. We have to track it down and fix.
But its not to say that the load balancer itself isn't 'broke' for sending
0.9 traffic.

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