RE: [squid-users] parseHTTPRequest problem with SQUID3

From: Gregori Parker <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 13:51:07 -0800

So, do I need to file a bug report, so that this can get addressed? Or
are the devs already aware?

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Increases in compatibility are in the release notes and ChangeLog
The regression in 0.9 support you hit is a bug.

> Is there any possibility of restoring 0.9 support in Squid3? I can
> always have my load-balancer format the requests to contain the
> HTTP/1.0\n, but that seems like a real hidden gotcha for anyone
> migrating from 2.6 to 3.0 - which is fine, as long as it's called out
> the release notes.

Yes, it is a bug in both squid and the balancer. Squid is supposed to be
able to handle obsolete 0.9 anyway. We have to track it down and fix.
But its not to say that the load balancer itself isn't 'broke' for
0.9 traffic.

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